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What is Vintage Style?

Vintage jewelry has become very popular. Whether gold, silver or costume jewelry it is all made well and has lasted nearly a century, Well on its way to becoming Antique jewelry. Vintage jewelry offers a certain style of jewelry. Whether it be from the 1930’s which is when true costume jewelry became popular or it be from the 1940’s - 1950’s when many designer brands came out that are oh so popular today.. Vintage jewelry is considered to be from the years of 1929 - 1980. Most people only want jewelry made before 1960 though due to workmanship, quality and design.

Some Examples of Vintage Fashion Clothing:

  • Floral print was one of the most worn and flaunted 50s style dresses. It was liked by many Hollywood actresses and due to these style icons this fresh and chic style got popular. This vintage trend got back with a bang in modern days.
  • Black & White: The trend of black & white dresses from 50s and 60s is back in fashion. With classic shirts neckline, Gold-tone button, frill across the mesh and a corset lacing at the back to show off that perfect curve of your body, this dress will make a key piece of your summer wardrobe.
  • Mini Dress: Flaunt the retro look in mini dresses like the famous ladies did in 50s and 60s. Up your style quotient with Vintage polka dot mini dress.
  • Play suits were a hot trend during 50s and this sexy outfit is yet again trending. This vintage car print playsuit is made from a stretchy blue cotton blend fabric for a lovely fit. It has a fitted bodice which Is elasticated at the back for extra comfort.

The word 'vintage' means ‘of a certain time period’, and in the antiques business it has come to mean collectables or tradeable items too old to be contemporary but not old enough to be seen as true antiques. The word is fluid in two senses: 1) because it has broad application and 2) because it changes over time: what is now contemporary will eventually become vintage; what is now vintage will eventually be deemed antique.

Vintage fashion is the clothing of a previous era, worn at a later date. Strictly speaking it is the original clothing clothing inspired by another time, that is called just what it is: vintage-inspired clothing Interestingly, unlike other items, vintage clothing is not usually divided into antique and vintage categories in everyday usage, so a person who enjoys Victorian clothing, for example, would be described as wearing vintage or period dress, and not 'antique dress', even though the clothing is, in fact, technically antique.

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