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10 laws of fashion

Not a fashionista or anything here, but I come from a design background and have a flair for writing down lists and laws/tricks/tips. :D So, here they are :

  • DO NOT EVER coordinate prints and prints together. If you’re wearing a solid/plain top or shirt, wear it with prints/textures. Or if it’s a printed topwear, coordinate it with solid/plain bottomwear or a muted texture at the most. Check out the picture below. It’s not a hard and fast rule of course, but works for the most part.

  • Stripes. Vertical stripes make you look taller, horizontal stripes make you look broader and bulkier. So yeah, you get the idea. If you’re heavy, avoid horizontal stripes.

  • This one is a personal opinion. I love wearing solids. They look expensive, classy, subtle and not overdone, helps accentuate the accessories and so much more. You could stylize solids for a casual or a fancy look with minimal efforts. See that? That’s what I mean.

  • Since I’m towards the heavy side, this is another thing that I always take care of when buying clothes. If you have a heavy bust, stick to deeper necklines that show more of the shoulder area. The higher your neckline is, the bustier you’ll look.

  • Avoid wearing clothes that will attract attention to your problem areas. Let’s say that you have a heavy bust and long legs like me, then you should go for solid top and striped pants or something. Basically anything that takes the attention from your problem areas and focuses on the better parts.

  • Choose an appropriate lipstick for your face. I am someone who doesn’t put a lot of makeup and hence eyes and lips are my only highlights in a look. I know what wonders the right lip color could do. Wearing reds, oranges and nudes work best for my skin color but purples make me look no-good.

  • Shoes? I absolutely hate wearing closed shoes and could live all of my life in flats and sandals. If I’m wearing anything fancy though, I have developed a tolerance (close enough to appreciation :P) for pointed-toe shoes or pumps. They make you look taller, slimmer and confident and hence gorgeous!

  • Choice of Colors. I like wearing deep colors most of the time since it is a no-brainer that deeper colors make you look more shapely and elegant. See for yourself? But I love going for lighter hues when I’m layering my outfit for that zing of colors!

  • Wearing things that suit my body type. This doesn’t need to be said really since it’s common sense but I see people everyday getting this simple thing wrong. As I said that I’m more on the heavier side and hence I don’t go for super-short dresses for obvious reasons. I believe all of us should consciously try to understand what our bodies are like and choose clothes accordingly. Sounds very simple but is hard to stick to in these times of constantly changing fashion trends and over-publicized perfect body images. Just because it looks good on him/her, doesn’t mean that it’ll look good on me too. Hurts but yeah.

  • Undergarments. Again something that we easily skip. Shapewears, bras, panties, stockings, whatever it may be, choosing the right stuff can do miracles. This is something that I always consciously invest in because it can make the major difference in how I end up looking.

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